Life in Tsingtao

Hello everyone, Merry Christmas!! How time flies as we have been on the road for 2 years and what a trip it has been as we never could have imagined how the whole world has changed when we set off. It makes us treasure even more all the different places we visited and all the people we met during this unusual and trying time.

We left Inner Mongolia in September and spent time in Hebei briefly before going to Shandong and arrived in Tsingtao by late Oct. We decided to stop travelling and spend the deep autumn and winter in Tsingtao. What a lovely city it is! Let us share with you our quiet life in Tsingtao and why we are in love with this elegant city!

Have a great 2022 everyone!

Akie and Kin

In Tsingtao, we took the time to explore the city and its nearby area, here we took a nice afternoon stroll on the Golden Beach (黃金灘).
Exploring the city on foot is our favourite but you have to brave a lot of uphill and downhill walks which is a good way to burn off some calories with all the good food we have been enjoying.
We live in the CBD with more high rise office and apartment buildings. We are on the 23rd floor and enjoy a great view. On a clear sunny day, we can get a glimpse of the sea in a distance between the tall buildings along the shoreline.
We are in awe of these majestic European buildings in the old parts of city.
We were taking a long walk along the shoreline in a winter afternoon.
Tsingtao has a good mix of local, western and Japanese cuisines to offer. We were so excited when we first got here and went out for lunch daily to try different restaurants. There is a whole street lined with only Japanese restaurants. The price range is quite reasonable compared to big cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou.
There are many chic cafes and we found a really nice one right next to the wet market we frequent. It’s a nice way to spend a quiet afternoon.
There are many heating water pipes like this supplying central heating to the local houses and apartments. Ain’t this kitty clever to keep himself warm this way!!
The city looks magical after the sun sets.
Another great activity to do here is to stroll along the coast. It’s lovely to be by the sea again after being inland for such a long time.
Sycamore and Pine trees are most commonly found in the streets of Tsingtao. What a rich collection of colours in Nov and Dec.
The pavements were lined with the beautiful Sycamore leaves and sometimes we saw them swirling and dancing in mid air on a windy day.
We hiked up a small hill and took in the breathtaking view. It was a little foggy that day.
We became bargain hunters and always look for good deals. We came across this great promotion and bought the cash coupons days before to get ready for our Christmas shopping spree.
Saint Akie?!
Getting into the festive spirit – drinking lots of mulled wine!!
We sometimes go to the old part of the city in the southeast. Here’s a popular and beautiful spot on the the Signal Hill (信號山) where one can see the old houses with red rooftop that make Tsingtao so unique from the rest of China.
There are many colonial buildings hiding in the corners of the city.


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