Thank you

Mr. Chen (陳生) who is the Iveco dealer of Guangzhou has been a tremendous help

Thanks to the suggestions and experience shared by friends that we found the right vehicle and got to modify it to our needs. Finding a parking space for such a tall van is no easy task, but we were blessed to be offered the perfect and safe parking spots. Since we are not originally from China, we encountered numerous problems big and small like getting the electronic toll card and car insurance, yet it was all sorted out smoothly with the kind helps of our friends.

We would not have been able to start our journey without the generous help from many people. I am also sure that we will need alot more helps from people we are going to meet on the road.

I specially need to thank my host family, the McCallcum family, in Australia when I was an exchange student back in 1989. It is them who inspired me that we can have a van to live and travel across a country. Mum and Dad, there are so much you have given me even to these days 30 year later.

The caravan belonged to Kin’s host family in 1989
18 years old Kin inside the caravan
Kin’s host family in Australia

A big thank you!

You can also follow our journey and check out the van.

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