About Us

Our cat Daisy is a major part of the family, she is always with us on the road.

Akie & Kin love to travel. We are from Hong Kong. In the past, we traveled to different parts of the world but did not really understand much about China besides having worked in Shanghai and Guangzhou.

One day in early 2019, Kin had an idea of travelling around China with a van. The idea is inspired from his experience in Australia when he was an exchange student and his host family took him to see different parts of the country in a caravan. We also give credit to the very good movie, Nomadland as it made a pretty memorable impression on us of the reality of van life. Akie at first was not much into the idea as it was totally against her character to not having a permanent place called home.

It took us almost a year to research and prepare. We bought the van in August 2019 and spent a few months to refit it to our purpose. We started the trip on 26 Dec 2019 from Guangzhou. This day turned out to be fateful as our little trip began just before the onset of the world crushing Covid.

At the time, our idea was to travel a month or two nearby as a trial before going back home to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year. Thus, we weren’t much prepared, no clothing suitable for serious cold weather, not even sunglasses.

But Covid hit us just a month after we started and we made the decision not to go home but to wait out for the Covid to pass. We could never have imagined that it took three years for the pandemic to pass and we ended up travelling around China all this time.

At first, this website was intended to share our experience and thoughts with our friends and family. But of course, you are also welcome to our stories.

In January 2023, we finally went back to Hong Kong to see our family and friends. We stayed home for eight months and started to miss the roads. We resumed again in September 2023 and cannot wait to explore and meet people from various parts of the country.