The Van

We picked the Iveco Daily for our journey. It is 2.7m tall and 5.7m long with a 3,000cc diesel engine and a automatic gear box.

After a few thousands kilometres on the road, we really like it and think it suits our purpose very much.

To make it fit our purpose, we installed a storage shelf and an electrical system which can power DC and AC.

The electrical system includes a 280ah lithium battery with an integrated inverter and charger. The battery is charged via the solar panel or the car engine.

At the start of our journey, we have the following electrical appliances in the van: LED lightings, a kettle, an induction cooker and a heater.

Here is a video on the Electrical System:

Introduction to the Electrical System in our Van (太陽能供電系統)

We started our journey just before the Christmas of 2019

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