Introduction to the Electrical System in our Van (太陽能供電系統)

The van     Video

Our van has gone to very remote places without mobile phone signal, electricity and hot water for days. We were able to use pressure cooker in high altitude of over 4,000m powered by the solar panel and lithium battery installed in our van and we are very happy with it. We haven’t yet need to sleep in the van and that would be another experience.

Here is a short clip about the electrical system in the van.

架 van 帶我地去過好偏遠嘅地方,電話無信號,無電,熱水都無嘅地方。我地要用 van 嘅太陽能板,用壓力煲係高原煮飯,我地覺得都唔錯。期待有機會試下係 van 裡面過夜。

依個 video 介紹俾大家知架 van 嘅供電設備,希望你地鐘意。

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