Our story in the Inner Mongolia Grassland

One Summer in 2021

The story of our 19 days in the Xilamuren grassland in Inner Mongolia.

We stayed in this Mongolian tent site owned by a herdsman family
Where our grassland story began
We found this tent site because of the big tree which stands out from very far away
The Mongolian tent that we lived in and in the right hand side is a restaurant.
Everyday we saw the clan of crows which live in the tree fly freely.
After meeting them, we decided to stay with these volunteers of tent site.
Watched grassland sunrise
Inside the kitchen were the pasture farm owner, Auntie Li, and a volunteer Chu
Zhong serving a dish
Under the starry night
Like a family
Simple pleasure
Tourists enjoying the grassland
Chu from Heilongjiang tried on the Mongolian dress
The most useful transportation on the pasture
The pasture farm owner, Uncle Le, and his grandson, who lives in the Hohhot city, spending the summer holiday in the grassland.
Uncle Le herding horses
Every morning, the horses return to the tent site from the pasture 5km away where they spend the night.
A horse waiting for customers
People come to grassland to ride
Every day before sunset, horses return to their own pasture to rest
The stray dog kept by volunteers
We ate with the pasture farm owner and volunteers everyday
Water given to lambs every morning
The farm has over 200 lambs
One of the countless lives on the grassland
Crows in love
Grassland lifestyle
Their grassland
The chickens who hide under our van everyday(The northerners called them stupid chicken.)
Us, Chu, Zhong and the doggie Seventeen
Mongolian tent under moonlight
Bonfire party, we helped to move over 20 cases of fireworks. Never seen so much fireworks!
Dinner after a hard day’s work
Neomi from Texas helped taking care of Little Le
Guests cooked us a dinner banquet
After the life saving rain on the grassland
Double rainbows
Neomi went mushroom hunting after the rain
Cleaning the handpicked mushrooms
Another day
The house where the pasture farm owners and their animals will be spending their winter in
Family portrait, Neomi, Akie, Uncle Le, Zhong, Chu, Big Uncle Five, Hao
See you again!
The kind and very capable Auntie Li

六六大順旅遊接待點 – 樂叔叔 李阿姨 – 電話 13848206753

10 thoughts on “Our story in the Inner Mongolia Grassland”

  1. Lovely!!! The buns must be very yummy! How is their livings on the grassland? How do they cook the freshly picked mushrooms? Looking forward to know more about your trip!

    1. I almost forget that you are always hungry. Food is good, in particular the lamb. Even people from Inner Mongolia go to Xilamuren for the lambs there. Because of the low production, very few lambs from there are being sold elsewhere. We are told that raising animals on the grassland is not as hard as farming but yet not easy at all, the winter there is brutal.

      Mushrooms pop up everywhere on the grassland after good rains in summer. They stir-fry them but they are very difficult to clean.

      BTW, the famous dish there is Shaomai(燒賣), but different from the Cantonese ones.

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