A White Christmas!

The locals told us that it normally only snows once a year in Tsingtao. So we were really excited to find snow everywhere when we woke up on Christmas Day! What a merry white Christmas!

It started snowing lightly on Christmas Eve and everything turned white when we woke up on Christmas Day morning!
The impressive Tsingtao Catholic Church ( 青島天主教堂) behind me.
It’s magical to tread on the snow covered streets in the old parts of the city (八大關)
Took a walk in Zhongshan Park (中山公園)
A friendly white cat walked up to me and demanded some cuddles.
Every corner became dreamy under the snow.
Taking in the pretty festive decorations in the restaurant while waiting for our table.
We had lunch at this lovely restaurant inside an old house. It was full with children playing hide and seek next to us.
Even the beach is covered with light snow.

We walked till the sun set and it’s time to go home!
Merry Christmas everyone!

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