How it got started

Daisy and her mum

Here is the story about four of us, travel in a van around China together.

Our cat, Daisy, was 8 years old when we started our journey in 2019. Daisy was born in Shanghai and has been living with us in apartments in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Just like any domestic cat who lived almost exactly the same comfortable life everyday until one spring day in 2018 when I brought home a lovebird which we named Lavender (紫紫). If you wonder, Daisy and Lavender do act exactly like Tweety and Sylvester and they haven’t killed each other yet. The lovebird teases the cat every minute she can, while the latter every now and then tries to catch the little bird.

The idea of having four of us traveling together in a van came in early 2019 and we spent most of the year preparing. And finally just before the turn of the new decade we started our journey in one winter afternoon.

You can also follow our journey and check out the van.

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    1. Thanks, Iris. We would love to hear more about your trip. It will be great to travel around North America.

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