Hiking Log 行山紀錄

Yunnan: Lugu Lake, Shaxi, Dali, Chuxiong

雲南:瀘沽湖, 沙溪,大理,楚雄

  • 15 Jul 2020 – Lugu Lake’s Goddess Bay 瀘沽湖女神灣
    • 22 km
    • Altitude: 2,700m – 3,000m
    • 洼夸碼頭,經過三個小山,祭神台,女神灣,好人小吃 lunch,后龍山,洛瓦,五支落,瀘沽湖鎮,洼夸碼頭
Protection from the high altitude strong sun
好認真的高原行山 look
We can always find tall wild Rhododendron trees when we go hiking

Goddess Bay 女神灣
The chef is a local legend who is famous of helping others
After a great lunch, the chef insisted to take us to the trail. We are glad that he did this, otherwise, it would be difficult for us to find the right path.
A hidden village surrounded by mountains.
One of the islands in Lugu Lake. 瀘沽湖中的小島。
Lugu Lake

  • 12 Jul 2020 – Lugu Lake’s The Goddess Mountain 瀘沽湖格姆女神山
    • 7km
    • Altitude: 2,700m – 3,100m
    • 尼塞村撫雲客棧,格姆女神山腰,撫雲客棧
A rare glimpse of The Goddess Mountain.
We can find these strange plants hanging on trees in the high altitude forest.
Overlooking the Lugu Lake from the Goddess Mountain.
Wild Rhododendron 杜鵑
We followed the unmapped trail used by the local people.
Beautiful trail passing through forest.



  • 9 Jul 2020 – Lugu Lake’s Lige Peninsula 瀘沽湖尼塞村/里格半島
    • 6 km
    • Altitude: 2,700m – 2, 900m
    • 尼塞村撫雲客棧,里格半島,里格村,里格半島,撫雲客棧
The Goddess Mountain always hides herself behind the clouds.
The kind local villager let us stay in her house during the sudden rain.
The sky and Lugu Lake.
Lige peninsula 里格半島
Lige peninsula & Lige village 格里半島格里村
A small Mosuo settlement under the Goddess Mountain.


  • 4 Jul 2020 – Shaxi’s Shibao Mountain 沙溪石寶山
    • 9 km
    • Altitude: 2,100 m – 2,500 m
    • 沙溪沙坪村遂晴客棧,石鐘山石窟,獅子關,石鐘寺,遂晴客棧
Scary 好驚驚
Hiking with our lovebird Lavender.
A temple built amongst strange landscape. 怪石。
Viewing the Shaxi ancient town. 沙溪古鎮。
Strange rocks remind me of Simpsons’ mother hairdo.
Ancient stone carving 古石窟
Up, up, up



  • 29 Jun 2020 – Dali’s Jizu Mountain 大理雞足山
    • 9 km
    • Altitude: 2,200m – 3,200m
    • 石鐘寺(2,200m),金頂寺(2,300m),石鐘寺(2,200m)
It is not usual that we took both our cat Daisy and lovebird Lavender to hike together.
Daisy loves nature.Daisy 很喜歡大自然。
Daisy and Lavender are great travel companions who brought us so much fun.
Daisy 同紫紫是最好的夥伴,我們一起看世界是什麼模樣。
We did not take the cable car but to hike up and then down the steep mountain from altitude of 2,200m to 3,200m.
我們選擇了不坐纜車但徒步上山下山,由海拔 2,200 米到 3,200 米。
Amazing temple. 懸崖上的寺廟。
Have I seen it before? 似曾相識?


  • 24 Jun 2020 – Dali’s Cangshan National Geopark 大理倉山玉帶路
    • 20 km
    • Altitude: 2,100m-2,600m
    • 感通寺,寂照庵,中和寺,中和村,西行線客棧
We didn’t use the cable car but chose to walk up.
Our lovebird always sings in the forest as she hears other birds chirp.
The trail has many special geographical features.
玉帶路上有很多特別的地質 Highly recommended
Very nice and user friendly trail.
Breathtaking 漂亮

Like minded hikers we met on the trail.



  • 20 Jun 2020 – Chuxiong’s Zixi Mountain 楚雄紫溪山
    • 8 km
    •  Altitude: 2,200m – 2,500m
    • 紫溪山頂,紫溪寺
We appreciate the guesthouse owner took us to hiking with her family.
We have spent a lovely week with this family who owns the guesthouse we stayed in Chuxiong.
We appreciate the people we met on the road. Their sincerity is the thing we most treasured in our journey.
The father and daughter. 父親與女兒。
Temple surrounded by forest. 森林中的寺廟。

Sunset in the forest. 森林裏的日落


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