Traveling with Beethoven 與貝多芬一齊旅行

Video     Yunnan
The Nord Piano in Jianshui

You may think this is crazy and I am strange.

I have just spent 22 years to learn how to play Beethoven’s Fur Elise by myself, not how to play the piano but only Fur Elise.

Since I was 18 years old, after watching someone playing Fur Elise, I couldn’t help myself trying to play the piece. Shortly after I started working after university, I used most of my savings to buy a Yamaha digital piano when I couldn’t play anything at all. I started practicing Fur Elise in 1999, after someone gave me the 3-page piano sheet. Since then I have been practicing it and it alone.

During most of the 22 years, I did not expect myself being able to play the whole piece, because some parts of it are very difficult(at least to me). I was just contented enough to keep playing the easiest part again and again and again and……

Around 5 years ago, I found some time almost every night to learn the difficult parts. But I was never good. I wasn’t frustrated, but knowing that Fur Elise is more difficult than I could ever play. I keep trying and trying, going back and forth, more or less stuck.

Then the Covid 19 shocked the whole world, our travel plan came to a sudden pause and we become living in a small ancient town called Jianshui in Yunnan. I have kept the keyboard in the van and it was the first time it was taken out since we started months ago. I am really glad that I have the keyboard with me. During the time in Jianshui, I practice Fur Elise more intensely than before. And finally, I can play the whole piece in such a way that I am happy with.

It is a wonderful and long journey. I finally make it in 22 years due to Covid 19.

I need to thank Akie. You can imagine how many times she have heard me playing the same thing again and again, days and nights. It is as many as the stars in the sky.

I am very thrilled being able to play it. I even filmed it for the record.

I know it isn’t really good but here is something that took most of my life to make.

用了22年,不斷地練習,我終於係建水實現了我人生的夢想 – 可以完整地彈到 Fur Elise 。

1989年,看過有人彈湊後,我就希望有一天我也可以;1999年,有人送給了我三頁紙的 Fur Elise 琴譜後,我就開始練習,我只會彈 Fur Elise,不會其它。



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