Ancient gate of Jianshui without tourists

Many friends and family members are worried about us and been asking if we have gone back to Hong Kong. We are still in Yunnan and have kept them updated that we are doing okay. We are so grateful for all the support and care. Thank you guys.

We learned about the coronavirus when we were in the middle of our stay in Yuanyang(元陽). As there were not many visitors in the remote village, so it did not affect us and we carried on visiting beautiful places and enjoying the terraces.

We arrived at the provincial capital, Kunming(昆明), just before the Chinese New Year and we could immediately feel the magnitude of the situation. We found one of the biggest cities in China basically empty with most things shut down and many people wearing masks.

Kunming, the capital of Yunnan, was deserted with everything closing down

We distinctly had this feeling of the calmness before the storm hits. So we knew that we had to get out of the deserted city.

So we drove three hours south to the ancient town Jianshui(建水縣), where it should also be warmer. We arrived the little town just when the epidemic became full blown and people were in panic.

On the day we arrived, we were required to have our body temperature measured three times, one by the highway department when we exited the highway, then by the police just before entering the town, and finally when we were checking into the guesthouse.

The atmosphere in Jianshui is much better than Kunming. Jianshui has a small local population and it does not have any international hotels, not even the omnipresent McDonald’s. The ancient part of Jianshui that is inside the walled city is rather quaint and dotted with little alleyways, temples and dated government buildings. It is usually booming with tourists during this time but it is now quiet with all the tourist destinations, shops and restaurants being closed.

The empty ancient town
Jianshui is surrounded by beautiful farmland
Beautiful ancient Chinese buildling

At first, life could carry on as usual but then, the government has ordered all businesses to close. We are lucky to have rented a spacious apartment just before all hotels and guesthouses were not allowed to accept any guests.

Jianshui does not have any Coronavirus case yet and the town has stopped all outsiders to come in and everyone is required to wear masks outside. We feel somewhat safe but still take all the necessary precautions when going out. Our most frequently visited spot is the Walmart supermarket near our apartment. As life here is still mostly rural, the locals are not used to supermarkets. So we find the Walmart empty and almost all to ourselves. Seeing the abundant supply of food and everything, we cannot help feeling uneasy knowing people back home are panicking and supplies in Hong Kong are running low.

An empty Walmart with plenty of supplies

We took the rare chance to visit some beautiful places Jianshui offers and we were always the only souls. There is a lot of open space and we are really grateful that we made it here during this frightful time.

One of the most beautiful places is now without people
Very rare that no one is crossing this magnificent bridge
Akie has the whole gate for herself

Slowly, we come to love our new home more and more. We take walks around the lake next to the apartment and also use this break to re-arrange everything in our van.

We discovered many gems during our afternoon walk

We will lie low for a while but yet to live our life full in this ancient town which is famous for its past academic culture and architecture.

Daisy and Lavender are most happy as we are spending much more time with them everyday
A stray cat looking at her lover as usual but wondering why he is wearing a mask

8 thoughts on “Coronavirus”

  1. Hello Kin and Akie.
    Thank you for this news. You are making the best of a very difficult situation.
    Lovely photos. Jianshui looks very beautiful.
    We will be going to the NSW coast in our van next week. Some of the towns have been damaged by the huge fires that are still being monitored.
    They need business now as this is usually the busy season and many people have canceled their bookings.
    Looking forward to your next news.
    Love from us🥰🥰

    1. Mum, same here, Jianshui is a popular destination for the Chinese New Year holiday. We can see how badly businesses are suffering. We saw many shops are still stacking up piles and piles of products which should have already been sold in the new year time. We are glad that we can help out a little bit.

      I didn’t know you have a van now. Look forward to seeing photos of it.

      Have a great time traveling. Please say hi to the koalas, joeys and all other animals in the bush. I’m devastated to read the news.



  2. Akie and Kin,
    So happy to know you are safe and enjoying a fabulous life in China. Please share more nice pics and experiences when you have time. Love reading it!

  3. Glad to hear you are traveling well. So sad to hear how badly the virus has effected things in China. Hope you keep staying safe and looking forward to reading more of your adventures 😊💕

    1. So sorry for such a late reply and lazy in updating our travelog. We are really really lucky that we are staying at a place which is not so affected by the virus given that it has already become a global pandemic now. We are doing well and making the best of this break to read a lot more and keeping a healthy routine of daily exercise and lots of home cooking. Take care and stay healthy!!

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