Guangzhou (廣州) 14-20 Dec

Once again, we had a very hectic week back in Guangzhou preparing the van. We checked in our apartment in Pazhou(琶洲) and attended the wedding banquet of Fengling’s son the first night we got back. As I started to develop a toothache for several days, on Sunday after having dim sum with my great uncle and aunt, I went to see a dentist. With a lot of pain, I had my last wisdom tooth pulled out in Guangzhou.

The van was parked in my former company and we went back there everyday to install the drawers and sorting out all the things we have into the van.

Drawers and things that need to be installed

In between, we visited Bonnie and her new born baby in 增城. The adorable baby girl was 105 days old the day we saw her.

The lucky girl was born in a very sweet family


Luggages are in the bottom layers, drawers in the middle and the top is the bed. There are more drawers and storage inside.

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