The four of us

seeing the world together

Daisy the cat who travels happily
Lavender the lovebird who loves to explore


Daisy was born in Shanghai in 2011. She came to live with her human parents when she was three months old. She has been living with us in Shanghai and Guangzhou. She is always friendly and loves meeting new people but isn’t too big a fan of children.

Daisy and her mummy
Three months old Daisy


A very noisy lovebird who needs a lot of attention. She came to live with her human parents and cat sister when she was three months old in late 2017.

She is absolutely afraid of nothing.

She loves hanging out with people but don’t be fooled by her cuteness and watch out for her ever so sharp beak when she lands on your shoulder.

She must go to bed before 8pm, otherwise she gets grumpy.

Lavender loves to share our breakfast
The fearless Lavender

Akie & Kin

The devoted companions of Daisy and Lavender who love travelling and meeting people.

You can also follow our journey and check out the van.

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