Hiking Log 行山紀錄

Hailuogou, Sichuan 四川海螺溝

  • 23 Jul 2020 – Yanzigou Scenic Resort, 燕子溝景區
    • 7 km
    • Altitude: 2,550m – 2,760m
    • 十里仙境
We spent half day visiting Yanzigou. We chose it because it is good for hiking and a less popular spot.
It was a rainy day which made the scenery mysterious and beautiful.
The park was in the middle of big mountains and forest with big trees.
Breathtaking view. 像水墨畫一樣的仙境。
The red stones are caused by some kind of algae. We are told they can only be found in this region.
We found many kinds of mushrooms in the forest.
Akie was standing next to Yanzigou. Both Hailuogou and Yanzigou are small streams.
Akie 站在燕子溝。燕子溝和海螺溝同樣是小小的河。
Trees are magnificent. We hope everyone can treasure our environment.
Let‘s protect the environment. We can do without a lot of things but we can’t do without trees and wildlife.

  • 22 Jul 2020 – Hailuogou’s Caiyangcun 海螺溝蔡陽村
    • 17 km
    • Altitude: 1,500m – 1,800m
    • 海螺溝磨西鎮,蔡陽村,龍壩尾村,蔡陽村,摩西鎮
This is our second hike in Hailuogou. We asked the locals for good trails and the receptionist of our guesthouse recommended us to go to her village. But she said no body nowadays would walk there as it is too far away, about 8 km walking.
這是我們第二次在海螺溝行山。我哋會問當地人有什麼好的行山路線,一般都說沒有,因為行山文化沒有流行。我們客棧的前台提議我們去她的村子蔡陽村。 但是她說太遠了,現在沒有人會走路去的。
To reach the village, we walked from the top of the cliff where the town we stayed is and passed through a big bridge and then all the way uphill till reaching the end of the road.
It suddenly rained. We were lucky to find a house nearby. When the owner came back and found two strangers in front of his house, he welcomed us to go in for tea.
After walking 6km continuous uphill, before reaching the village, we found an old temple in the entrance guarding the village.
We found the village very tidy and clean.
Villagers have a small piece of land to grow vegetables and a house for living and raising livestocks. Living conditions have been improved significantly in recent years.
I told the receptionist now some city people like living the village life which is less stressful and spacious. She said the villagers want to move out to the cities. The receptionist herself studied in the provincial capital city, Chengdu, but she chose to move back to her village for better quality of life and to be close to her parents.
This family has a small plot of land in front of their old house and they also built a new house. We found this typical in the countryside.
A beautiful traditional wooden house.漂亮的老木房子。
We found the villagers very friendly.
We walked around 8 km and finally reached the end of the road.
我們從民宿出發一直走了約 8 公里,終於走到路的盡頭。
We found a lot of corn fields along the way. The villager grow corns to feed their own pigs.

  • 21 Jul 2020 – Hailugou’s Mogangling 海螺溝摩崗嶺
    • 18 km
    • Altitude: 1,500m – 2,200m
    • 海螺溝磨西鎮,經紅軍小路,摩崗嶺,磨西鎮
The trail started by plunging steeply into the gorge and around a hydropower plant and then back up to the peak.
Corn field. 粟米林。
The road is built on a very steep cliff.
Passing through the dense forest. 森林中找路。
We were able to find a lot of mushrooms.
Red mushroom. 紅色的菇。
And moth. 也看到美麗的飛蛾。
Technical trail. 不容易的山路。

The view is spectacular. 山頂的景色。
A long and difficult way down, we hiked 18km that day.
Countless big mountains. 這裏有無數的大山。
Tibetan house. 藏族的房子。
Moxi Town is built spectacularly in between two rivers on top of very steep cliffs.
Moxi Town is surrounded by big mountains.
Magnificent clouds and mountains.

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    1. 佢真係幾勁,我地後來到左超過三千海拔就停左行山,直至過左十幾日完全適應左高原之後。

  1. 今次相片及歷程演述做得很好, 記著要行程小心。不要樂極忘形,要記著向大家報平安呀😃

    1. Mei 姐,燕子溝真的很漂亮,我們住在海螺溝,住宿條件也非常好。不知道你去過沒有。

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