Hiking Log

We love to hike

When we come to a new place, we would ask the locals for good trails and most of the time the trails are not on maps nor on the internet. Here is some of the hikes we did.


Hailuogou, Sichuan

Enroute to Tibet, we passed through Sichuan and hiked the surrounding area of Hailuogou…

Yunnan: Lugu Lake, Shaxi, Dali, Chuxiong
雲南:瀘沽湖, 沙溪,大理,楚雄

In Yunnan, we met some fellow hikers and explored the amazingly beautiful Lake Lugu…

8 thoughts on “Hiking Log

  1. Touching for the sharing of people you meet on the journey……. so wonderful tour. Thanks so much for your sharing

    1. Mei 姐, thanks for the comment. We hope the people we care can in some way also enjoy our journey. Though we can’t meet as often as before, we can keep in touch this way.

  2. Great to see. Akie and Kin. Will you keep in touch with any of the people you have met?
    I am enjoying the amazing photos and the picturesque places you have been. You must be keeping very fit with all the walking. Love from us sitting in our armchairs loving your adventures.

    1. Mum, we do keep in touch with the people we met on the road. Often, we need to ask people’s for their advices such as which destinations to go best, what to avoid and local practices.

      Often, we would buy some little somethings on the road and give them to people we meet in the next destinations.

      I can’t say we are very fit. We try to keep our bodies going as long as it can.

      Please send my love to everyone.


    1. Hi Bonnie, it is great to hear from you. We tried our best to share our journey with our close ones. Glad that you like it.

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